Care for your body Care for your body

Take care of your body,
all year round.

Look and feel your best every day with our tips that help you take care of your mind and body.

Woman doing a handstand Woman doing a handstand


A walk by the water, jogging through the park, a short yoga session at sunrise or dancing - find the right activity for you (and enjoy it!).

After exercising, pamper your skin with Body Fit, a unique contouring body care treatment that helps minimises the appearance of cellulite, and Tonic Body Treatment Oil, which helps to firm, and improve skin elasticity, or apply one of our expert Body Firming treatments with either the Extra-firming Cream or the Extra-firming Gel to help you feel beautiful and feel good about your body.

Field Mint
Field Mint
Body Fit
Body Fit Anti-cellulite cream
Tonic Body Treatment Oil
Tonic Body
Treatment Oil
Anti-stretch mark cream
Extra-Firming Body Cream
Body Firming Extra-firming cream
Extra-Firming Body Gel
Body Firming Extra-firming gel
for targeted areas


Eat well, exercise and don't forget to relax! When you wake up, take a few minutes to meditate. If you find yourself feeling stressed througout the day, take the time to do some deep breathing exercises. In the evening, read or listen to relaxing music before going to bed (preferably early).

You can also massage your hands with the Hand and Nail Treatment Cream and your feet with the Foot Beauty Treatment Cream, for an instant feeling of relaxation. This will relax your muscles, stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and will ensure better quality sleep.

Otherwise, treat your body with the Relax Body Treatment Oil. Its formula is enriched with plan extracts, including Geranium, Bitter Orange, Roman Camomile and Basil, which help to dispel the feeling of tiredness and tension while promoting a sense of absolute wellbeing.

Relaxation at home Relaxation at home
Hand & Nail Treatment Cream
Hand & Nail Treatment Cream Moisturising hand cream
Relax Body Treatment Oil
Relax Body Treatment Oil Moisturising body oil
Moisture-Rich Body Lotion
Moisture-Rich Body Lotion Moisturising body cream
Group of happy women Group of happy women


To have confidence in yourself, you have to feel great in your own skin. But how? Take care of yourself, keep yourself immersed in things you're passionate about and create opportunities to be surrounded by positive people. Laugh a lot, dance madly, sing (even if you're not great at it) and livefully!

You are unique and Clarins is by your side to make life more beautiful with you. Fill every day with special moments that enhance your beauty from the inside, out.

Our selection for feeling good in your body.

Wellbeing at your fingertips!

Masvelt Advanced Body Shaping Cream
Multi Intensive
Super restorative Abdomen &
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