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Try them,
Love them,
Give in to them.

My products

speak for themselves.
A sample will speak for me.”

Jacques Courtin-Clarins,
Founder of the Clarins brand

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Make-up Remover V-Shaping Facial Lift Total Eye Lift Oil Multi-active SFL Gentle F C

They’re all talking about it...

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1 Clarins sample
3 to 5 days of use

Testing our products allows you to discover
their scent and to appreciate their texture
on your skin...

Discover our mini-sized products!

Candy jar


Enjoy 3 free samples with every order. Choose from a range of our skincare and make-up favourites. The choice is yours!

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Our beauty advisors in store will help you discover the best samples for you to try in the comfort of your own home.