Together, we can make a difference.

We donate $1 to charity every time you buy

We are extremely proud to announce that we've partnered with i=Change to donate $1 for every transaction at Clarins New Zealand Online
This means that every single time you buy you can make a difference to someone's life.
The charities we have chosen to work with are all organisations that work tirelessly to support and protect vulnerable women and children. You can read more about them below.

So They Can

Support a girl’s education.

50 million girls in Sub-Saharan Africa are not in school, forced into unpaid labour, child marriage, or early pregnancy. This only sustains the vicious poverty cycle.

So They Can partners with communities in Kenya and Tanzania to improve education standards and ensure every child has the right to be in the classroom, regardless of their gender or home environment.

So They Can reaches 45,000 children and communities across 51 schools in Africa. Through education and community development programs, they replace barriers with sustainable pathways to empower students and unleash their potential.


Support healthy children and improve infant nutrition.

On the remote island of Rote, Indonesia, too many children under 5 years are stunted.

Children who experience stunting face increased risk of mortality, disease and developmental delays. Their lifelong productivity is significantly reduced. SurfAid is improving the nutritional status for more than 1,500 children across 12 villages, working alongside community health clinics to improve parents' understanding of malnutrition, increase their access to healthy food and change consumption patterns of mothers and children.

We know that addressing the underlying cause of stunting significantly improves a child’s life and benefits the entire community.

Send Hope Not Flowers

Give the gift of a safe birth.

Papua New Guinea has one of the highest maternal death rates in the world. 98% of these deaths are easily preventable.

Send Hope Not Flowers works with Australian Dr. Barry Kirby in remote Milne Bay Province, PNG. We gift families with a Baby Bundle to incentivise mothers to come to a health clinic to give birth. The bundle is filled with basic supplies for mother and baby - and includes the $5 cost for delivery at the clinic.

The Baby Bundle project is directly responsible for a 78% decrease in the maternal death rate in the region.

Send Hope Not Flowers is dedicated to helping mothers survive childbirth across the developing world.

How It Works?

  • Simply make a purchase online at Clarins New Zealand Online
  • On completion of your purchase you'll be presented with our charities
  • Select the cause closest to your heart
  • We donate $1 on your behalf